On the road to Myitkyina, Myanmar: needed: 12 point-and-shoot cameras

Composition    photo:  Ly

Good morning, Huong Phung!


MY STORY photo project # 12: the images


MY STORY photo project #12 exhibition in Annapolis Royal, NS


MY STORY photo project opens 12th annual exhibition in Mae Sot, Thailand

Hop gets down to work

Vietnamese deaf students: they’ve got eyes!

The Golden Rock shrine at Kyaiktiyo
photo:  Daw Yin Nu

Some of the Action at Social Action for Women, Mae Sot, 2017


MY STORY photos at Borderline Gallery, Mae Sot, Thailand… They got eyes!

Sao Ao Hmoo and Thin Thin Phyu

Kyaiktiyo: Myanmar’s Golden Rock and a zoo too!