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Women with Cameras: Karen Women’s Organization, Mae Pa

photo: Keh Blut


The Karen Women’s Organization was formed in 1949 and re-organised in 1985. Currently KWO has a membership of more than 60,000 women living in Karen State, Burma and in refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. KWO is a leading indigenous women’s organization working in protection whose programs directly serve women, girls, children, and the most vulnerable people in their community.

9 women were waiting for me at the KWO staff house in Mae Pa, a community about 10 kms outside of Mae Sot. They were from various KWO departments, working in the field.  This workshop was to give them the tools to document their work photographically. 

Every day I would ride my 3 wheel electric scooter (aka Harry) north on the highway to Mae Pa. Once there, I’d plug Harry in for the ride back and we would get to work. 

On the road to KWO staff house, Mae Pa
photo: Dah Mu
photo: Mary Jer
photo: Lah Bwe

Photo assignments were pretty much limited to the KWO compound.  First, because the compound is in a rural area and second,  because the women don’t all have IDs or documents that would allow them to move around Mae Pa and Mae Sot freely. 

photo: Paw Oo
photo: Say Lar Wah

The assignment was to photograph an emotion.  Say Lar Wah chose anger.

photo: Dah Mu
photo: Moo La Paw
photo: Dah Poe
photo: Keh Blut

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