2019 Projects

Women Can Do It! Yangon, Myanmar

photo: Lum

Ten women from across Myanmar gather in a small office in downtown Yangon. They are educators, community activists, social entrepreneurs, and community-based organization administrators here for a workshop on photo documentation and advocacy.

The workshop has been organized by Yin, manager of Women Can Do It (WCDI), a small networking organization for women. Yin has invited the participants, provided a projector and flip chart, organized daily lunches, AND is taking the workshop!

photo: Yin

We talked about how a camera works: It’s all about the LIGHT! Alin ya in Burmese. We talked about framing and movement and story telling and we looked at a lot of images. Then it was their turn to take photos and talk about them: what worked, what didn’t work and why.

Here are some of the results:

Framing photo: Wint
photo: Thida
photo: Su Hlaing
photo: Mie
photo: Nann
photo: Yee

photo: Hsar Gay Paw
photo: Mar Ching

Scenes from a classroom:

These women will return to their communities ready to document and advocate for their constituents. Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words.

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