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We’re back! and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!

A mysterious malfunction of our website has been repaired thanks to Alan Yaverbaum (he’s in Ireland, we’re in Thailand…) so we’re back and posting.

We are trying to contact as many MY STORY photo project participants as we can to let them know that the project will open its 10th annual exhibition at Borderline Gallery in Mae Sot on May 7.  That’s over 400 people and while we know that most are too far away to come and celebrate, we will raise a glass to each and every one of them and thank them for teaching us much more than we taught them.

In the meantime, we paid a visit to the women at Social Action for Women Health House to see what they had been up to while we were in Burma and discovered that Daw Yin Nu had been busy.  She took hundreds of photographs:  Visiting babies, school life, outings, and portraits.

Here is some of her work:


School boy

Folding school clothes


Washing the dishes


Washing the dishes

Washing the dishes















One of the things Daw Yin Nu did was to take more than one picture of her subject.  As Teacher Nat says, ‘Take the picture you see, then take another one.”


IMG_0710The women went to a near by temple with some of the children from the S.A.W. school.   As is often the case, it’s at the top of a hill.  Here are some of Daw Yin Nu’s pictures.


Going up.

IMG_0757One of the many spirits sitting in a rock niche.

At the top!

At the top!









This balancing  “golden”rock is a copy of a bigger one near H’Paan in Burma.










Looking to Myanmar


Boat from one tree








It can take many women to raise a child…













Thank you, Daw Yin Nu!


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