2014 Projects

The Gang of 7 at Pun Pun Organic Farm

Pun Pun Organic Farm is located about 50 km north of Chiang Mai; set in an idyllic green valley, it is home to a lovely community of seed savers, organic farmers, and natural builders. Plus the food is to die for!

Our gang of 7, Ai, Jack, Tahn, Fay, Khem, Tonkhla, and Fairy had cameras and energy to spare.  All they needed was a little direction…or maybe we needed the direction…. In any case, they photographed making mud bricks, walking in the forest, people in motion, and made a group story vaguely reminiscent of ‘Wilson’ in Castaway.

Holding the sun photo:  Fay

Holding the sun
photo: Fay



Red ants photo:  Fay

Red ants
photo: Fay











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