2017 Projects

Please Help ! Photo Workshop for Deaf Students in Vietnam


My Story project plans to run a 5 day photo workshop with 20 deaf students and teachers in Tuy Hoa, Vietnam. Students and teachers will receive and keep entry-level digital cameras and basic photo instruction. They will be given photo assignments and present/critique them in class. The project’s aim is two-fold: 1. Give them a skill they can use and a creative outlet 2. Enable the teachers to run the photo workshop for other mentally/physically challenged students.


Physically and mentally challenged young people in Vietnam are often marginalized; they do not attend regular schools and there are few resources available to prepare them to live independently.


This photo workshop will give deaf students and their teachers the tools to produce something useful and creative. Students will be able to use their cameras and photo skills to document their lives, demonstrating their value and giving their self-confidence a boost. Their teachers will be able to run the workshop with other physically challenged students and pass on new skills.

Long-Term Impact

The school in Tuy Hoa has approximately 200 students, of which 100 would benefit from this project. The school is the social and learning center for these young people. Outside of school, there are few resources for them in terms of further education and employment. The project tries to give students the means to contribute to their community, both practically (documentation) and creatively.

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