MY STORY’s 9th annual exhibition in Nova Scotia: sept. 21

September 21 -October 16

September 21 -October 16

FROM THAILAND TO BURMA AND BACK: images from the border

Two laughing young women jump in the air in rural Thailand; a benign older gentleman at a Burmese market; a student traces the number ‘3’ in the roadside dirt of Myanmar. These are some of the images made by students in the MY STORY photo project last winter. It’s all part of the 9th annual MY STORY photo project exhibition opening at ARCAC’s Chapel Gallery on Sunday, September 21, 2 – 4 pm. Nat and Susan Tileston, project founders and directors, will be on hand to answer questions and show slides of life on the border.

Since 2006 the MY STORY photo project has been running photo workshops with small groups of Burmese refugees and internally displaced people, fleeing the oppressive government of Burma. Nat and Susan Tileston started the project with 5 students and 5 entry-level digital cameras after a community worker from one of the 9 refugee camps strung along the Thai/Burma border asked them to provide some creative outlet for young refugees. With limited access to education and employment, these refugees are in a kind of limbo, so any training/activity is welcome.

Kaw Tha Blay School

Shooting movement

Now the project has trained almost 400 students, as well as eight workshop leaders, who can conduct the trainings in their native language. ‘Much better than our trying to communicate in Burmese, Karen, Lisu, Pa-O, or one of the many other ethnic languages spoken in Burma,’ laughed Nat Tileston.




Old man at Yangon market

Old man at Yangon market

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