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Movie nite for MY STORY photo project

photo: Roi San 'Innocent Face"

photo: Roi San
‘Innocent Face”

You’re invited

What:  2 short docs about life on the Thai/Burma border by Gigi Berardi

1 short work-in-progress about the Tileston’s in Pyin Oo Lwin, Burma by Zoeanne Murphy

When:  Wednesday, October 21, 7 pm

Where:  Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, 396 St. George St, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada

Why: Because we are 10 years old and celebrating!

Admission: Free, although donations are always welcome

Free popcorn too!

About the docs:

In 2008, Gigi Berardi started his work for Soul Rebel Films, a production company focusing on accessible social issue films that can provoke and inspire. He has produced several short form docs, which have been screened at over a hundred festivals globally. Among them “Simply Rob” and “Unravel” which have won over 25 festival awards in the past three years. He is currently in post-production with his documentary feature debut “The Right to Health” about the establishment of an health system in the Burmese jungle by the ethnic minorities. The project was awarded development grants from “Sundance Institute” and “World View Broadcasting Scheme”.  In 2013 Gigi received his first broadcasting commission from Al Jazeera to direct an episode of “Witness”, another story set in the Burmese jungle. Gigi is currently in pre-production for his first documentary in Vietnam. A story about the spread of HIV among ethnic minorities women in the North.

Situated on the picturesque Thai-Burma border, the Mae La refugee camp is home to more than 50,000 Burmese people who have fled the military regime of Burma. The Camp (2010) illustrates the lives of people who are dislocated, without international status and without a voice. Set to a haunting soundtrack, this film presents the everyday realities of life in the camp. Some of the refugees hope to see life beyond their self-made community. Others simply embrace each day as it comes.

The Jungle Surgeon of Myanmar (2014) is about a back-pack medic who finds that moves towards political reform have not benefited his patients in Burma’s remote border areas.

Zoeanne Murphy is a photographer and film-maker currently working for the Washington Post.  She has traveled extensively in Southeast Asia.  Susan and Nat met her in Mae Sot, Thailand, in 2012.

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