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How to buy a print that helps us buy a camera


Prints are for sale and can be ordered by clicking on the ‘contact us’ button.  Please include the number of the print you want, whether you want it framed or just matted,  and your mailing address. A framed print is $80.00   14″ x 17″ Unframed  and matted is $ 40.00   13″ x 17″ Preceeds are split 50/50 between the photographer and the MY STORY photo project for the purchase of new cameras. Shipping costs will depend on your location  Payment is by check, money order, or e-transfer. Thanks for your support. Here is the list of prints from the MY STORY photo project’s 10th anniversary exhibition, 2015

Mae Sot, Thailand  Social Action for Women Safe House

1. Daw Yin Nu

photo:  Daw Yin Nu Dar Naw in the field

photo: Daw Yin Nu
1.  Dar Naw in the field

2. Aye Nwe

photo:  Aye Nwe Young student

photo: Aye Nwe
2.  Young student

3.  Da Da Cho

photo:  Da Da Cho Hand of Aye Nwe

photo: Da Da Cho
3. Hand of Aye Nwe

4.  Dar Nar

photo:  Dar Maw Red Flower

photo: Dar Maw
4. Red Flower

5.  Daw Moe

photo:  Daw Moe

photo: Daw Moe
5. After child has snack she is happy

6.  Mee Cho

photo:  Mee Cho

photo: Mee Cho
6. Two friends

7.  Daw Yin Nu

photo:  Daw Yin Nu Chicken

photo: Daw Yin Nu
7. Chicken

Mae Pa, Thailand  Help without Frontiers Leadership Camp

8.  Fah

Colorful vegetables

photo: Fah
8. Colorful vegetables

9.  Saw K’Prue Mu

photo:  Saw K'Prue Mu Yummy fruit

photo: Saw K’Prue Mu
9.  Yummy fruit

10.  Myat Noe

photo: Myat Noe Tasty mangoes

photo: Myat Noe
10.  Tasty mangoes

11.  Hlaing Hlaing Win

photo:  Hlaing Hlaing Win Free young life

photo: Hlaing Hlaing Win
11.  Free young life

12.  Su Hlaing

1465 Su Hlaing

photo: Su Hlaing
12. Fish for food

13.  Mu Loung Eh

photo:  Mu Loung Eh Grandma who bravely faces fate

photo: Mu Loung Eh
13.  Grandma who bravely faces fate

14.  Aye Aye

photo:  Aye Aye Their fate

photo: Aye Aye
14.  Their fate

15.  Zaw Htet Aung

photo:  Zaw Htet Aung End of life

photo: Zaw Htet Aung
15.  End of life

16.  Kyaw Like Thein

photo: Kyaw Like Thein Don't give up!

photo: Kyaw Like Thein
16.  Don’t give up!

17.  Moon

photo:  Moon Pretty on the water

photo: Moon
17.  Pretty on the water

18.  Paw Lar

photo:  Paw Lar Never give up for my life

photo: Paw Lar
18.  Never give up for my life

19.  Myat Thu Zar

photo:  Myat Thu Zar Step of life

photo: Myat Thu Zar
19.  Step of life

20.  May Yu Nwe

photo:  May Yu Nwe Beauty of jasmine sky

photo: May Yu Nwe
20.  Beauty of jasmine sky

21.  Sky

Sky Life struggles of seller

21.  Life struggles of seller

22.  Saw Yu Mae

photo: Saw Yu May For your energy

photo: Saw Yu May
22.  For your energy

23.  Ei Shwe Zin

8978 Ei Shwe Zin

photo: Ei Shwe Zin
23.  The steady life of seller

24.  Aung Gar Lang

photo:  Aung Ghar Lang Situation of life

photo: Aung Ghar Lang
24.  Situation of life

25.  Cherry

photo:  Cherry The children with common sense help their parents

photo: Cherry
25.  The children with common sense help their parents

Pyin Oo Lwin, Burma   Community development workers

26.  Zaw Tung


photo: Zaw Tung
26. All together

27.  Naw San

photo:  Naw San I miss you like crazy

photo: Naw San
27.  I miss you like crazy

28.  Htoi Aung

photo:  Htoi Aung Lonely table and chairs

photo: Htoi Aung
28.  Lonely table and chairs

29.  Zung Myaw


photo: Zung Myaw
29. Opposite view

30.  Roi San

photo: Roi San 'Innocent Face"

photo: Roi San
30.  ‘Innocent Face”

31.  Daw Ni Ni


photo: Daw Ni Ni
31.  She loves her kitty

32.  Ma Yi


photo: Ma Yi
32.  Go to school

33.  Seng Din

photo:  Seng Din Where are my friends?

photo: Seng Din
33.  Where are my friends?

34.  Sein

photo:  Sein Preparation for school

photo: Sein
34.  Preparation for school

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