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Dong Ha, Vietnam: They got eyes! #2

photo: Viet

Back to Dong Ha for a 5 day photo workshop in April at the Quang Tri School for Disabled Children. This enabled us to avoid Songkran, the Thai new year holiday that goes on for 4 days of water-throwing and heavy alcohol consumption. Needless to say, everything shuts down as people travel back to their home towns/villages to celebrate. It’s also hot season, with daily temps in the high 30s and low 40s…

Quang Tri School for Children with Disabilities

Two years ago, we worked with deaf students in Tuy Hoa, Vietnam. This time the workshop was organized by the Community Development Fund, a local NGO run by the very affable Tan. The students are deaf and some have learning disabilities, but they are curious, willing, and a lot of fun. Our group of 10 ranged in age from 11 to 18, with two Nguyens ( one boy, one girl) and two Has (ditto). We had Dat from CDF to translate our English to Vietnamese and Thung, one of the school teachers, to translate Vietnamese to sign language. And somehow, it all worked!

Take a photo of a color:

photo: Anh

Photograph a shadow:

photo: Hà

Photograph someone doing something:

photo: My

Photograph someone who is not in your class:

photo: Ha

What is it?

photo: Nguyen

Answer: a drum.

Composition using lines:

photo: Thi

Photograph something that makes you happy:

photo: Nguyen

Photograph someone older than you:

photo: Thuy

Photograph a color:

photo: Tua

Photograph light and shadow:

phoyo: Viet

New photographers at work:

Photograph a texture:

And the closing ceremony:

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